Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


HOW OLD DO I HAVE TO BE TO AUDITION? All Franklin County students/residents who are in grades K-12 during the 2018-2019 school year may audition.

WHEN AND WHERE ARE THE AUDITIONS? Auditions are April 15rd from 4:00-7:00, by appointment at Third Place on Main Street in Brookville.

DO I HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO AUDITION? Yes. You will sign up for an audition time during the Audition Information Session you attend.  Audition slots will last approximately 15 minutes. Please arrive early and be ready to go at your scheduled audition time.


DO MY PARENTS/FRIENDS WATCH MY AUDITION? No.  Auditions are closed, meaning that family members and students outside of the group auditioning may not watch. We ask that all family and friends wait in the provided area until your audition is finished. You will audition in small groups for the creative team.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO AUDITION? You must attend one Mandatory Audition Information Session to be eligible to audition. These will be held on Monday April 8th at 4pm and 6pm at Third Place – 2nd Floor Back Room.  One parent or guardian is required to attend with you.  At the Audition Information Session we will review the calendar and expectations. You will be given an audition information packet and asked to complete all forms included. We will be holding two Audition Preparation Sessions on April 11th at 4pm and 6pm at Third Place – 2nd Floor Back Room. During this meeting, students who plan on auditioning will learn a song and dance that will be used in auditions as well as prepare lines to be used in the audition process. The prep meeting is NOT mandatory, but will be very helpful in the audition process.

Please review the audition sides included in this packet. The Creative Team will ask you to read from these selections during auditions.

Please prepare a song of your choice to sing during auditions. Choose something that showcases your strengths. You may bring a device with accompaniment (cell phone, cd, tablet) or may choose to sing acapella. If you bring accompaniment, please have the song loaded and ready at the start of your audition.

ARE THERE CALLBACKS? No, there are no scheduled callbacks at this time.

HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL BE CAST? The show calls for 20 – 25 actors.

WHEN ARE THE PERFORMANCES? June 22nd and 23rd at FCHS Auditorium

DO I ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS LISTED ON THE CALENDAR? Once the show has been cast, a finalized rehearsal schedule will be disseminated. You will NOT rehearse every day listed, only on the dates your character is scheduled.  HOWEVER, ALL CAST MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND REHEARSALS DURING TECH WEEK, UNLESS THERE ARE EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES.

WHAT IF I HAVE A COUPLE OF CONFLICTS WITH THE REHEARSAL DAYS? Please make sure to list all of your conflict/potential conflicts on your audition form. The Creative Team aims to be flexible and understanding.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? There is NO COST TO AUDITION. If cast, there is suggested $30 donation to offset the cost of the production. Costumes will be provided; however, we ask that you provide your own tap shoes. Girls will also need to provide their own nude tights and nude camisole/tank top.

WHAT IF I’M NOT CAST IN THE ROLE I WANT? Casting a show is like assembling a large jigsaw puzzle. If you are not cast in the part that you wanted in this show, that DOES NOT mean that your audition performance was not of a good quality. It simply means that that character wasn’t a good fit for you in this particular show. The “fit” decision usually has little to do with anything under your control. You may be too tall, too short, too old, too young, too high voice, too low voice, etc. etc. — you get the picture! Similarly, if you auditioned hoping to be given a certain role and you are cast with a different role, that means that the directors needed you most in the role in which you were cast. Being in a show is being on a team. Every single player on the team is vital to the success of the whole piece. NO ONE ACTOR is more important than any other actor onstage. “There are no small parts…only small actors!”